Night Fishing

£25 per Night Angler, per Night  [ includes booking fee ]
10 Anglers maximum at any one time.
6:00pm till 6:00pm the next evening  [ 24 hours ]

If you don't book on and want to pay cash on the peg, however if we are full, I will turn you away, if you set up and there are already 10 booked on, I will ask you to leave.
[ Please respect the anglers that have paid for their space ]

Day Tickets

Adults - £7.00 per person. (you can use two rods).

Under 14's/Pensioners/Disabled - £5.00 per person. (you can use two rods)



Open Matches

Draw: 10am at Draw Office.
Fish: 11am - 5 or 6pm (could be earlier due to daylight fading)

£20.00 all-in.

Open Matches - Tuesdays Thursdays O.A.P.'s

Draw: 10:15am at Draw Office.
Fish: 11am - 5:30pm on "Willow"

£10.00 all-in.

Club Matches

You can choose from Kingfisher, Meadow and Willow if available.
£90 for Kingfisher (20 spaces max.)
£60 for Meadow (10 spaces max.)
£90 for Willow (23 pegs max.)

You can put as many anglers as you want on the lake.

5/6 hour match from 8am - 4pm (You choose)

You can weigh yourselves in or we can do it for you (Your choice).

Just phone Noreen to book in on 01925 730893 or 07817 271087